About us

Founded in 2015 in Tehran, INCHANTA is a Iranian company succeeded to print creative designs on cotton fabric boxes first time. Over the course of 3 years, the brand reached an enormous archive of more than 300 original patterns designed for boxes, bags, stationary and home decoration products.

INCHANTA products are unique with their fun designs that let their owners express themselves freely. Vegan and handmade products of us are:

  • Chic
  • Artistic

We are a group of creative minds addicted to design and color, and motivated by the happiness and satisfaction of our customers. Our people, with their talent, creativity, passion, and dedication, have made INCHANTA what it is today and they will continue to be a key driver of the brand’s success.

Our philosophy is to offer our clients an outstanding combination of fresh designs and reasonable prices. Our vegan-friendly and handmade products are offering their users a style of living and a means of expression. We have over 300 original patterns but still, run on new ideas. What is not changing is that every piece created always with a sense of humor makes its user stand out from the crowd.

Now it is time for you to discover Inchanta’s festive, crazy, joyful, energized, special, free, amazing world!

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